How To Advertise
You have horses for sale? You want to advertise them with our website? Contact us here or send us an e-mail through the contact form.

The prize to advertise a horse for sale for 1 whole month is:

» €20 per Horse

If you would like to advertise more horses, send us the amount of horses you have for sale and we will discuss the prizes through e-mails.

The methods to transfer money are:

1) Cash or Cheque payments
2) PayPal - To use this service, you need to register with their website at It is the safest methods to transfer money over the internet. You can read more how the system works on their website.

Once we receive the payments, we will put your horses for sale on this page for one whole month with the horse details and how they contact you. If the horse is sold, please let us know so we will remove the advert.

Thanks in advance,
MTR Administration
Horse Details
Sire: Mare:
Country: FranceSex: StallionAge: 0
Abroad Winnings: 0Abroad Record: 0
Points: N/APrice: N/A

Contact Details
Mobile: 99453715Telephone: 0
E-Mail: 0Languages: Malti

Horse Details
Sire: GazouillisMare: Harmonie Williams
Country: FranceSex: GeldingAge: 14
Abroad Winnings: Eur223,230Abroad Record: 1'14"3
Points: 336Price: N/A
Comments: Ziemel jinbiegh bil-karti

Contact Details
Mobile: 99453715Telephone:
E-Mail: Languages: Malti

Horse Details
Sire: First de RetzMare: Goa Beach
Country: FranceSex: GeldingAge: 11
Abroad Winnings: Eur 104,280Abroad Record: 1'15"1
Points: 273Price: N/A

Contact Details
Mobile: 79315049Telephone:
E-Mail: Languages: Malti

Horse Details
Sire: Himo JosselynMare: Graziella des Bois
Country: FranceSex: GeldingAge: 12
Abroad Winnings: Eur 118,930Abroad Record: 1'14"4
Points: 274Price: N/A
Comments: Ziemel helu li jintrama u fidil kemm trid, Saqajh nodfa.

Contact Details
Mobile: 79560933Telephone:
E-Mail: Languages: Malti

Horse Details
Sire: Muscle Hill (US)Mare: Valeris (US)
Country: SwedenSex: GeldingAge: 8
Abroad Winnings: SEK 284.300Abroad Record: 1'14"1
Points: 320Price: N/A
Comments: Ziemel zghir u helu. Pupu ta' Vera. Ziemel facli ghal kulhadd u jinstaq bla problemi.

Contact Details
Mobile: Shaun Tas-Sunny - 99443789Telephone:
E-Mail: Languages: Malti

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